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goodreads LPT: Organizing Your Virtual Library in Microsoft Excel

As an avid reader, GoodReads is basically my life. Most people these days dream of being Insta-Famous, or TikTok viral but I dream of being GoodReads famous. I’m only very slightly exaggerating.

Here is a screenshot of the goodreads home page when you are logged in.

Go to the My Books menu, then click the bottom sub-menu that says Import and Export.

Once you’ve clicked on Import and Export, you’ll see instructions on how to import and export books to your goodreads library. If you read a lot and want a local database of books you’ve read or are planning to read, this is a great tip. To save your goodreads library locally, click download.

Once you’ve downloaded your goodreads library, you’ll see all the books in your goodreads shelf listed in excel format. This is so useful for me as sometimes when I’m deciding which books to read next I like to sort by author, genre, or page count.

Hope you found the tip useful!

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