How to Read More Books

Every new year, I try to make a post to help you reach your book-related new year’s resolutions. This past year has been my most productive year EVER in terms of reading (39 books officially plus a dozen others I …

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goodreads LPT: Organizing Your Virtual Library in Microsoft Excel

As an avid reader, GoodReads is basically my life. Most people these days dream of being Insta-Famous, or TikTok viral but I dream of being GoodReads famous. I’m only very slightly exaggerating.

Here is a screenshot of the goodreads home …

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War and Peace, or the Art of Writing about Life – Check This Off Your NYR

A review of one of the greatest novels ever written. As 2020, otherwise known as the strangest and craziest year in the 21st century (so far…) comes to a close, it’s time to start drawing up your new year’s resolutions. …