How to Read More Books

Easy ways to read more

Every new year, I try to make a post to help you reach your book-related new year’s resolutions. This past year has been my most productive year EVER in terms of reading (39 books officially plus a dozen others I didn’t read cover-to-cover) so I will try to share with you some tips to help you read more.

1. DNF Books You Hate

Sounds simple but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t do this. Don’t be afraid to abandon (DNF) books that don’t interest or engage you. Instead of forcing yourself to stick with a book you hate just because it’s highly recommended or won an award just drop it and move on to the next book. Life’s way too short to read books you don’t enjoy!

2. Get a Kindle

If you live in a smaller space, travel a lot, move around a lot or don’t have easy access to books this is essential. I’ve had a kindle for over 7 years now and I honestly can’t imagine life without one. There are just so many great books out there and bookstores these days (at least the ones around me) just don’t stock many books outside of the NY Times bestsellers and popular classics. If you’re a voracious reader I would recommend going with the Paperwhite or Oasis as the backlight and higher resolution screen make all the difference.

3. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a very recent discovery for me but it’s one of those things I can’t imagine living without. Proportionally, I don’t listen to too many audiobooks as I feel like I don’t retain as much through audio compared to traditional books but these days I tend to go for audio for non-fiction books whereas with fiction I don’t want to miss out on anything and usually read the books and read some chapters in audio format.

They are also super useful in situations where you can’t read (for example, in the car or when going on your morning walk). There are so many situations where you can’t be reading a traditional book but listening is always a great option. Try reading an audiobook

Extra tip: I use audiobooks to help me sleep earlier. Pick an audiobook, set the sleep timer for 30 minutes and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will fall asleep! Just remember to rewind 15-20 minutes for your next listen otherwise you’ll have missed a lot

4. Join a Bookclub

A book club is a great way not only to read more books but also to read more books thoroughly. The social aspect of it means you are pressed to read different types of books that you otherwise might not have picked up and discussions with others gives broader insight into things you might have missed if reading alone.

Goodluck and happy reading!

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